dual studies

Why either or?

With PRETTL you combine your desire for theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Benefit from being able to apply what you have learned directly by choosing a dual study program. In cooperation with PRETTL, the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart offers you the opportunity to obtain an academic education and to optimally and, above all, independently implement what you have learned in practice and to deepen it in everyday life. For this purpose, after each completed theoretical lecture phase, you will work in a department of the PRETTL group of companies.

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Vocational training

A good start to independent work.

School is successfully behind you and the future lies ahead. In this future you want one thing above all: to take things into your own hands? Then PRETTL is the right place for you, because in both the technical and commercial areas you will take on independent tasks and work on projects early on during your training.

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Working student

One job - double profit

Being a working student at PRETTL does not only mean earning money during your studies. Above all, being a working student at PRETTL means actively gaining practical experience - and in the field that particularly interests you.

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Internship at PRETTL - doing instead of watching

Whether it's a compulsory internship or voluntary use of lecture-free time: motivated interns are always welcome at PRETTL. And that's exactly why you can be active as an intern with us. Accompanied by our specialists through the daily work routine, you will have the opportunity to take on your first small projects and actively support us in our day-to-day business. Not only will you be able to apply what you have learned, but you will also be able to expand your own knowledge through the know-how of our employees.

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Student internship

Experience practice. Find orientation.

Every day, you hear about a wide variety of professions and fields. But you can only find out what you want and what really suits you by trying it out. Take advantage of the opportunity PRETTL offers you and complete an internship in the company, which not only combines the most diverse professional fields, but also industries. No matter whether you are a student intern in the technical or commercial field: exciting insights are waiting to be discovered (for you).

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Personnel development

For us, development is not just about technology - it's also about you.

We know how important progress is - economically and personally.

That's why our employees find numerous opportunities to gain further qualifications. Both internal and external training courses and seminars provide them with the best possible support to master the challenges of tomorrow, both professionally and personally.

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We build Ecopreneurs

Sustainability is an essential part of PRETTL.

This is exactly why we at PRETTL involve all our employees in the task of guiding us towards our goals. Because this is the only way we can create lasting value. In addition to regular training and events on the topic of sustainability, we regularly work on various aspects of this topic with our trainees and students in specially founded GreenTeams.

In this way, we are developing a corporate culture in which all employees can actively make suggestions for improvement and we are encouraged to improve more than expected.

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Application tips

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