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Being active in multiple sectors, the Prettl Group is faced with the challenge of not only making a contribution to sustainability in each individual sector, but placing these activities into an overall context. By ensuring that all parts of the group act as one, when it comes to environmental issues and sustainability, we create synergies that guarantee that we will make a truly effective contribution to achieving sustainability.

The essential thing is to seize opportunities, for instance those arising in product development due to trends such as e-mobility, and supplement them by strengthening skills such as employee development.

We must avoid a patchwork approach that is restricted to reinforcing our existing strengths.

It's a question of localizing pioneering potential within the group, promoting it and using it to initiate growth so that, in the long run, the entire group is imbued with the idea of sustainable thinking, due to the success of these measures being revealed.

Due to the complex group structure, the focus on individual opportunities and challenges is currently split up between the business segments. In the automotive division, the main focus is on promoting in-house development. The objective is not only to improve its site in the long term, resulting in job security, on a social level, but to exploit its innovative strengths to promote new technologies. These new technologies, in turn, are intended to conserve resources and achieve other ecological aims. Even the developments being made with e-mobility offer enormous potential that must be seized upon – a challenge that Prettl relishes.

In the past few years there has been a breakthrough in the energy business segment, with the development of frontier technologies. Now, it is imperative that this business segment works effectively together with the electronics business segment to maximize the successes of "green" and "proven" technologies.

In the automotive division, the main focus is on increasingly promoting in-house developments with the aim not only of strengthening the location in the long term and thus securing jobs at a social level, but also of exploiting innovative strength to drive new technologies forward. These, in turn, aim to conserve resources as well as other ecological aspects. The development of e-mobility in particular offers enormous potential that needs to be seized and is thus a challenge that Prettl is taking up.


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