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Our employees are our success

Prettl has a local presence at many different sites around the world. There's a coming together of various cultural backgrounds and different personalities, even within the individual sites themselves. Whether young or old, experienced or freshly motivated, all Prettl employees have a lot in common: imagination, flexibility and the will to compete.

Teamwork – and not just at work
Working closely together – at Prettl that doesn't only apply to desk work or the production hall: that feeling of unity is also important beyond the company gates – for all those involved, both directly and indirectly.

Whether working out together, doing a company run, playing in the company soccer competition, going along to support the Vfl Pfullingen handball team or taking part in the charity soup-eating event, which the proprietors always attend – there's more to working together than simply just working. It also contributes to greater sustainability.

Careers – personal development
As a family run enterprise, it is very important for Prettl to invest in the individual, tailored development of its personnel, and to offer employees a way to combine their professional and private lives. Specially coordinated schemes, such as the junior managers program, with its international focus, have already been set up to help prepare tomorrow's senior managers for the future. For this reason, it is not only external recruiting, but also the development of personnel from within that is important. We promote this with campaigns such as an in-house job portal and the "Employees Recruit Employees" initiative – all embodying the company spirit of: Think global. Act local.


Here for you - around the world.