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  • The new generator ESE 1307 IT/TN from Endress Elektrogerätebau GmbH
  • Market leader equips mobile power generators with innovative technology


Bempflingen- „Ready for use at any time and energy despite a blackout!“ This is how the innovative ESE 1307 IT/TN with building feed of the company Endress could be described. The generator of the Swabian company is not only developed for mobile use. Endress is the only German manufacturer who offers the possibility to equip mobile DIN power generators with an IT/TN-switch – for building infeed for example during blackouts or even in disaster situations. With the innovative technology, the generator provides a mating connector for the building infeed where the conversion from generator to emergency power supply can be implemented by the user himself; fast and economic without external help.

For the wide range of applications and demands for the generator, there is invidual special equipment available for order, such as the ECOtronic system, which automatically regulates the rotation speed and with that the volume level of the engine according to the energy demands, and at the same time saves costs through the targeted consumption.

You can experience the ESE 1307 IT/TN in the new showroom Endress Elektrogerätebau in and receive further information directly from the BOS TEAM on site.


About ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH

With production and development in Germany, ENDRESS has been delivering real power to international markets since 1914. The Bempflingen-based company is a leading manufacturer of mobile and stationary generators. In its product ranges, technical performance, ambitious ongoing development and a passion for quality are channelled into mature, sophisticated solutions whose user-friendliness proves itself day after day.


Cooperating with REFU Elektronik within the PRETTL group, ENDRESS provides the full value chain in the hybrid energy space to find the optimum in your applications. From Gensets to Power Electronics with Powervoltaics and storage inverters – upon request everything from a single source.



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